Invitation graphic "Gender Equality and the Just Transistion"

Creating space for women and gender diverse people in key transition industries

There cannot be a just and successful transition forgetting women. If we want the green transition to be just, we need to ensure gender equality in practice. Join our event to see what leading voices on the ground and in industry have to say about making sure that we achieve equality at all levels.

Greens/EFA MEPs Henrike Hahn and Alexandra Geese will talk to speakers from industry, the European Commission, and from an NGO perspective:

  • Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe
  • Maëva Roulette, Policy Officer at the European Commission, working on the design and implementation of the European Social Fund
  • Andrea Casamenti, Just Transition Project Officer, SOLIDAR

They will discuss what plans can be designed at the European level to encourage the mainstreaming of gender equality.



This panel is part of the event Gender Equality and the Just Transition organised by the Greens/EFA.