Season 1 | Episode #03

8 JULY 2020

Digital Platform

2020 NetzDG reforms and their impact on the DSA


Hashtag of the event: #EUDigitalPlatform

With the Commission draft of the “Digital Services Act” scheduled for December and the Parliament’s Initiative Reports scheduled to be adopted in October, the German NetzDG reforms (Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz)  might just have the right timing to influence EU policy making on the upcoming Digital Services Act.

Together with the French Avia law, the NetzDG is the only European national law explicitly dealing with illegal hate speech online. After its adoption in 2017, it faced criticism due to a questioning of its efficiency and fundamental rights concerns. In 2020, two major reforms are underway, introducing new concepts such as mandatory forwarding of potentially illegal content by the platforms to the Federal Criminal Police Office. 

This lunch discussion presents the content of the reforms, reflects on their critical elements, on potential alternative regulatory measures and discusses their impact on the discussions around the DSA. The last 30 minutes of the event were reserved for a Q&A.


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