Webinar “Privacy & Tracing Apps – Why Standards Matter”

While the development of proximity tracing apps and in particular the Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing (PEPP-PT) standard finalise more and more, both the European Parliament as well as the European Commission adopted a firm stance on safeguarding privacy whilst combatting the Covid-19 crisis. [1]

Agreeing on a common standard for the applied technology will be key to its effectiveness. We therefore want to discuss the different privacy implications of the various protocols, in particular those of a centralized in comparison to a decentralized approach. While some might be willing to trust central entities in countries with an intact rule of law, what are the implications for citizens for example in Poland or Hungary?

I spoke about these issues on 21 April 2020 at 19:00 with:

  • Prof. Carmela Troncoso (DP-3T) Assistant Professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne(EPFL) and leader of the Decentralised Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing (DP-3T) project, one of the protocols under the PEPP-PT umbrella.Twitter: @carmelatroncoso
  • Katarzyna Szymielewicz (Panoptykon) Expert in human rights and technology, lawyer and activist. Co-founder and president of Panoptykon Foundation, a Polish NGO defending fundamental rights and freedoms in the context of fast-changing technologies and growing surveillance. Twitter: @szymielewicz
  • Wojciech Wiewiórowski (EDPS) The European Data Protection Supervisor, leading a body of more than 100 data protection experts supervising the EU institutions and advising policy makers and the national data protection authorities. Twitter: @w_wiewiorowski


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