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Green Light for Digital – The new German Government’s coalition agreement

On 25 November, the new German government presented their coalition agreement between the Greens, the Social Democrats and the Liberals. This sets the Digital Agenda of the German government for the next 4 years. To say it has changed in comparison to the past, conservative-led government, is an understatement. MEP Alexandra Geese was part of the negotiation team for the Greens and responsible for the “Digital” chapter of the deal.

Many aspects of the agreement touch upon EU legislation, such as the new government’s clear call for a ban of facial recognition in public places in the EU AI Act, or the call for interoperability within the EU Digital Markets Act.

Ms Geese will present the details of the deal together with Malte Spitz, lead negotiator for the Greens on the Digital Chapter, on 30th of November 2021 from 7:00-8:00 pm. We will provide enough time for a Q&A.