Grafik "Toward a Feminist Digital Policy"

Towards a Feminist Tech Policy

While the concept of feminist foreign policy is gaining some traction and is being adopted by progressive governments, digital policy is still very much dominated by the concepts influenced by conservative, economically liberal politics and the business sector. The development of technology is full of libertarian ideas and colonialist patterns. By contrast, feminist tech policy takes a holistic view of digitization, to look at it in terms of intersectional patterns of discrimination. By taking a feminist approach we are able to think and see beyond existing stories and structures. We question current innovation narratives and examine the value of maintenance, accessibility, openness, and care for the digital societies of the future.

Together with Alexandra Geese (Member of the European Parliament) and Dr. Nakeema Stefflbauer (Founder of Frauen Loop), Julia Kloiber from SUPERRR Lab will discuss what a feminist digital policy can look like – and what we can learn from the adoption of feminist foreign policy frameworks.